The Below Photos Are From The 1970-1971 Med Cruise

Thanks to Frank Simpson and Wayne Wenner for the great photos

Photo L-R (Photo Supplied By Frank Simpson - ID by Wayne Wenner)

IC3 Bob Rains, EMFN Reblora, EM2 Lowe, EM2 Ray Ferris, IC3 Frank Krug,
ICFN Wayne Wenner, IC3 John Woods, in back EMFN H. Lamson, ENS Behr,
EM3 Schmidt, EM1 Frank Simpson, EM3 Harvey Kreie

There are several missing: ICC Morrow, IC1 Norcutt, IC2 Cannon, EM2 Shinholser,
EM2 Sunderland, EMFN Sunderlin, EMFN Lewis, EMFN Young. As I
remember, Norcutt was away at school part of the cruise and Cannon came
aboard sometime during the cruise so they may not have been aboard then.

The picture was taken sometime in the 70-71 Med cruise. Maybe after the
change of command? Ray Ferris enlarged it and a few of us got a copy.
Maybe all of us. There are at least 2 people missing - Dibbern and an
electrician, I think his name was Lewis.
--Wayne Wenner

The 3 Below photos were supplied by Wayne Wenner

I found a few more pictures taken the same day as the other E-Div picture.
Obviously we couldn't get everyone to stand still at the same time. Merlin
must have been on watch but Shinholser and Lewis are on the other one.
That looks like Mark Young sticking out his tongue between Krug and myself.
Anyone remember going to the Spanish Grand Prix?
---Wayne Wenner

Not only do I remember going to the Spanish Grand Prix, I remember Mario
Andretti visiting the ship in Barcelona. Jackie Stewart won the race if I
remember correctly. When I look at these pictures the thing that amazes
me is how young we were. I think I was probably the oldest at a ripe old
age of 25. Think about it, we were the electrical team on Leahy, a bunch
of kids helping to keep a man-of-war underway. What a scarey thought....
---Frank Simpson

Yes Frank, we thought of you as WAY older than the rest of us....Hahahaha!
I remember you lecturing me on the "watertight integrity of electrical tape"
and teaching me how to correctly wind it over connections to strengthen and
protect them! I've shown many since that time! I also remember Andretti going
to the ship, we all shook his hand... little guy! We ended up with passes to
the race and had a wonderful dinner at one of the world's 10 top restaurants
in Barcelona. We even ate "escargot"! I also remember while tied up there,
Brobjorg's assistant (can't remember his name...an ENFN or EN3) working on the captain's gig and spilling all of Brob's beautiful tools overboard as he was trying to impress some girls looking over the railing as he worked... Yikes! Yes, we were young then....
---Frank Krug

That engineman had to be Cline, he treated the gig as his own. I still can't figure out why us non-rated in E Div were boat engineers. Cline gave me strict orders to tell the coxswain when he was over the red line. Ya right!---Wayne Wenner

Back L-R  ICFN Dibbern (in dungarees), ICFN Wenner,
EMFN Young (between Wenner & Krug), IC3 Krug

Front L-R  IC3 Rains, IC3 Woods

Back L-R EM2 Lowe, ??, EM2 Shinholser, IC3 Krug, EM3 Kreie, ICFN Wenner,
EM1 Simpson, Ensign Behr
Front L-R EM3 Schmidt, IC3 Rains, IC3 Woods, EMFN Reblora, EMFN Lewis

Having A Few Brews During A Break At The Spanish Grand Prix
L-R EMFN Young, EM3 Hanley, EM3 Kreie, IC3 Rains, EM2 Farris, EM1 Simpson, EMFN Lamson