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Listing of Unofficial US Navy Certificates

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A little "Crossing The Line" history


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Antarctic Circle Crossing of the Antarctic Circle (66-32 South latitude). Also known as the "Royal Domain of the Penguin" "Frozen Stiff" or "Red Nose."
Arctic Circle Crossing of the Arctic Circle (66-32 North latitude). Also known as the "Realm Of The Arctic Circle", "Northern Domain of the Polar Bear" or "Blue Nose."
Round The World Circumnavigation of the globe.
Blue Nose Crossing of the Arctic Circle (66-32 North latitude). See also "Arctic Circle," and "Northern Domain of the Polar Bear." - Also "Order Of Bluenoses."
Caterpillar Club Anyone who had made an unscheduled parachute jump from a disabled plane. Caterpillar denotes use of a silkworm's product in parachute construction. Club members wear a gold caterpillar on civies only, the color of the caterpillar's jeweled eyes is determined by the circumstances, i.e. ruby eyes show that the wearer has survived a midair collision.
Century Club Pilots who have completed their 100th carrier landing. Also applicable to hurricane hunters who have flown through winds of 100 miles per hour or more.
Decommissioning Decommissioning of a ship, land unit, or squadron.
Deep Dive Diploma Issued to crew of USS Nautilus (SSN-571) during the boat's first dive - also presented to crew members for first dives, last dives, etc..
Double Centurions Pilots who have completed their 200th carrier landing.
Emerald Shellback Crossing of the Equator at the Greenwich (Prime) Meridian.
Exalted Order Of RUSMOS Recovery Of U.S. Manned Orbital Spacecrafts
Frozen Stiff Members who have crossed the Antarctic Circle and are entitled to all privileges of this frozen realm of blizzards, including freezing, shivering, starving and any other privileged miseries that can possibly be bestowed.
Golden Dragon Crossing of the 180th Meridian (International Date Line).
Golden Shellback Crossing of the Equator at the 180th Meridian 
Goldfish Club Pilots who ditch and have to take to a life raft. If they spend more than 24 hours on the raft, they become "Sea Squatters."
Great Lakes Cruising the St. Lawrence Seaway and Great Lakes.
Icelandic Domain Commemorating service in Iceland.
Knight of the Emperor Penguin Court For setting foot on the Geographic South Pole.
Mossback Traversing around Cape Horn.
Mossback Shellback Traversing the Equator and going around Cape Horn on the same trip.
Neutron Owners Certificate Plank owner certificate issued to crew of USS Nautilus (SSN-571) on 17 Jan. 1955 at latitude 40 20' 46.
Northern Domain of the Polar Bear Crossing the Arctic Circle (66- 32 North latitude). See also "Arctic Circle" and "Blue Nose"
Order of Magellan Global Circumnavigation - Going around the World.
Order of the Ditch Transiting the Panama Canal. See also "Panama Canal."
Order of the Nuclear Navy Designates the bearer of this wallet-sized card as an honorary member of the USS Nautilus' ships company. It was issued to personnel outside of the crew who had "performed feats underwater" while aboard the vessel for a visit.
Order of the Rock Transit through the Straits of Gibraltar (Inchop - Outchop).
Order of the Square Rigger Service on any square rigger ship.
Panama Canal Transit through the Panama Canal. Also "Order of the Ditch."
Persian Excursion Persian Gulf service.
Plank Owner Commissioning a Ship or Shore Command Special Honorary title for those certificates requiring it.
Pollywog Member who has not previously "crossed the Line" (Equator).
Realm of the Czars Cruising the Black Sea
Realm of the South Wind Sailing around the southernmost tip of the African Continent - The Cape Of Good Hope
Red Nose Member who has crossed the Antarctic Circle (66-32 South latitude). See also "Antarctic Circle," "Frozen Stiff" and "Royal Domain of the Emperor Penquin." - Also "Order of the Red Nose."
Royal Domain of the Emperor Penguin Crossing the Antarctic Circle (66-32 South latitude). Also "Antarctic Circle" "Frozen Stiff" and "Red Nose."
Royal Experiment of Guinea Pigs at Bikini Atoll Operation Crossroads, 1946
Royal Order of Whale Bangers Crew members who accidentally fired at a whale, unfortunately mistaking it for a submarine.
Safari to Suez Transiting the Suez Canal.
Sea Squatters Member who takes to the water and spend more than 24 hours on a life raft.
Shellback Crossing the Equator at any point. Special Gold Shellback title for crossing at the International Date Line, special Emerald Shellback title for crossing at the Greenwich Meridian.
Spanish Main Cruising the Caribbean - Also "Order of the Spanish Main."
Suez Canal Transit through the Suez Canal. Also "Safari to Suez."

USS Missouri (BB-63) -1991

Royal Subpoena

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