Miscellaneous Crew Photos

The photos shown below were sent in as general "shipmate" photos with some also requiring additional info (shipmate ID's).

If you can add any info - please forward me an Email  

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Here is a picture of me and Bill Evans (RM2 64-66) at a club/bar in Italy when we were in the Med called The Blue Bird Club in Naples. I think it was from 64 or 65.
The first person on the left is Evans, right next to him is me. The 4th guy on the left is from the Leahy and a radiomen but do not remember his name, may be in the cruise book. Hope this is what you guys were requesting.
The other radiomen in that picture are from the USS Macdonough (DLG-8)
I'm sending to Evans as he may have more info.
Tons of good memories for me 64-67, USS Leahy DLG-16.

Jack Klett (RM3) 64-67