1964 Med Cruise


1965-1966 Med Cruise


UNITAS VII  -  1966


UNITAS X  -  1969


1970-1971 Med Cruise



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1974 Med Cruise


1975 Med Cruise



1978-1979 WestPac Cruise


1980 WestPac Cruise


1983 WestPac Cruise


1984-1985 WestPac Cruise


1986-1987 WestPac Cruise


1989-1990 WestPac Cruise


1991 WestPac Cruise


1992-1993 FINAL
WestPac Cruise

For some shipmates, this is the only source of cruisebook info.......their original books being lost in thefts, household moves, house fires, attics, earthquakes, tornados, pawn shops, flea markets, huge basements, US Postal Service mixups, Ebay, floods or divorce actions, etc., etc.

If you are interested in any individual photo or page shown in the cruise books, I
will gladly Email it to you or provide a location where it can be downloaded.

If you are interested in a copy of a cruise book (all are approximately +80 pages in
length) in it's entirety (I have the original scans of these books) I will gladly snail-
mail a copy of the cruise book on CD to you for a "
small" donation ($$ of your choice) to cover the cost of shipping and to enhance the Leahy website slush fund.

If your main purpose in requesting a scan of a cruise book(s) is "reunion" related, I
will send the copy (copies) gratis....
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   Many Thanks   to our Leahy shipmates for their assistance and cruisebook submissions.




1964 Med Cruise*

Patrick Cahill - Bruce Cullen

1965-1966 Med Cruise*

Carl Christianson* - Russ Reid - Bruce Cullen

UNITAS VII - 1966*

Carl Christianson - Ken Deshaies* - Russ Reid

UNITAS X - 1969*

Ken Deshaies - Stan Kielbowicz - Mike Ryan*

1970-1971 Med Cruise*

Mike Gabany - Johnnie Noles*

1974 Med Cruise*

Steven Zinsli

1976 WestPac Cruise*

Greg James

1978-1979 WestPac Cruise*

Robin Henson

1980 WestPac Cruise**1

Jack Saxton - Ken Deshaies

1983-1984 WestPac Cruise*

Brian Ackerman - Jack Saxton
(scanned by Clay Stabler)

1984-1985 WestPac Cruise*

Lin Pond-Brian Ackerman

1991 WestPac Cruise*

Ray Lintner

1992-1993 FINAL WestPac Cruise*

Ray Lintner

1- Thanks to Ben Siebels for a successful proxy E-Bay bid

[* = Denotes Archival Copy] [* = Donated Archival Copy] [* = Loaned Copy]