USS LEAHY Shipmate Requests


Hello...... My name is Rachel Garner and my father served a term on the USS Leahy CG-16 on 1992-1993 and he was an LT JG and when he left the Leahy he was a LT. My father loved the USS Leahy and enjoyed the company of all the men. My father would occasionally get to say a prayer at the end of the day while the sailors where about to go to sleep. My father was a Chaplin in the Navy and being able to say a prayer was a great way to share his faith to all the men on the Leahy. Well here is some contact info on my dad. He has no clue I'm doing this so I hope he is surprised when a fellow shipmate contacts him. His name is Alan Keith Garner and his email is and my email is . Again I am his daughter and I am 18 years old and all I can remember was all the great stories he told me when I was a young child.

Thank you and God bless.
Rachel M. Garner

Monday, August 1, 2005

I'm looking for as much information as I can possibly find out... you see, my father died in 1989, and my little brothers basically have very few (if any!) memories of him (they were only 3 years & the youngest 2 months old when he died) - so, I'm trying to compile a scrapbook for them.

I'm unsure of the exact years that he was on the Leahy - I DO know that
it was during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

His name is Henry P. Van Hooker (Photo 1) he had a rank of FTM with a number after it, I have no clue about Division (or even what that means!) I do remember a large framed print when I was a kid indicating that he was a plankowner (no clue exactly what THAT means, either!)

At the time that he died he was residing in Middletown NY - the email address of is mine and I would SO love to receive emails from anyone who was on the Leahy during this time frame that might remember my dad (or can tell me what the Leahy's actions during the Missile Crisis might have been).

The photos that I'm attaching are from THEN... in the shot with the 3
other guys, my dad is the one on the top left. No idea who the other
gentlemen may be. Photo 2

If there's anyone with any information or memories or ANYTHING, at this
point, I'd DEFINITELY appreciate hearing from them.

Thanks for your time!

Donna VanHooker-Lindemann


July 2005

I'm looking for a USS Leahy "DLG-16" jacket patch and other Leahy related items.


John D. Conn II (1973-1974)


March 2008

On my second WestPac (84-85) I remember the ship going up into the Gulf to cover for another cruiser? that has malfunctioning radars. I don't know if the info would still be classified, but if NOT, can anyone tell me where we actually did patrols?
I am now in Kuwait, serving with the Army, and it would be neat to find out where my ship was from where I am now. Can anyone help??


IC3 Ken Rothwell (1980-1985)


June 2011

I am trying to locate a former shipmate - Emmett Craig BTCM. The last time we made contact was in Norfolk, VA in 1974. He stated that he was currently attached to USS Leahy (also aboard Leahy '70-'71). We were also both stationed on USS Borie (DD-704) in 1959.

Any help in locating my former shipmate will be appreciated.


BTC Gene Barnes USN RET.


November 2012

I am trying to locate any and all shipmates that seved on USS Leahy from 1964 - 1967.

All responses will be greatly appreciated.


Bob Jeffries (USS Leahy 1964-1966)