Ben Siebels - Served aboard USS Leahy as EMCS in E Division 1976-1979.

Thanks for the great photos and all the Leahy related info Ben.


Ben Siebels EMCS - Chiefs Quarters - USS Leahy (click on the painting above for the real thing)


Left - Ben's Promotion To EMCS With Capt. Pearlman - USS Leahy 1st Quarter 1977 Timeframe

Right - Leahy Dependents Cruise 2 June 1978 - Ben, His Two Children, Chad And Carisa And His Wife Sharon

The Great Buddha At Kamakura, Japan

USS Leahy Mooring At 32nd Street Pier - San Diego, CA

USS Long Beach (CGN-9) And USS Leahy (CG-16)

USS Leahy Mooring - Bridge Area

Rigging Shore Power Cables

L-R LTJG. Keith Maynard (partially hidden by stanchion), EM2 Bruce Rainville,
EM3 Leif Erickson And EM3 Stamps, ???, ???

USS Leahy Advancement Ceremony 1st Quarter 1977

L-R LCDR. Doyle (Engineering Officer), LTJG Keith Maynard (Electrical Officer),
ENC Boyles, ???, EMCS Ben Siebels, ETCS Don Richardson,
ICC Kurt Djordjevic, MMC James Turner, Chief Gonzales, ???, RMC Phillip Story


Ben Has Also Provided A USS Leahy Christmas Card

(Click on each image to enlarge)



Ben Has Also Kindly Donated Three USS Leahy Leahy-Grams