DLG-16 Ships Patch

Attention Leahy Shipmates!!! For all of you who served "in" the most
beautiful Haze Gray and Underway hull to every sail the oceans of the
world and especially if you served "in" her from the time period of
01 Jul 1961 to 30 Jun 1975, here is a new manufactured ship's patch
you may want for a keep sake. Break out that blue work jacket.......

(CG-16 style patches are also available)

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New manufacture LEAHY ships patches, both DLG and CG types can be purchased from McGrogan’s Patch designs at the following website:

Three other possibilities -

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Attached is a PDF file you may want to offer on the ship’s website. I took the “Snipes Lament” text from a website and then designed the format of all Engineering rating badges that have existed from early WWII until today. It has proven to be very “Emotionally Heavy” with all my peer Skimmer and Submarineer Snipes that I have given it to. So please share it will all others who proudly served “in the hole” so to speak. It is best printed on an 11x17 format, but will easily print on 8.5x11 also. It is just easier to read in the larger format. I’m going to donate an even larger framed copy to my local VFW and American Legion posts.
“May You Always Have Fair Winds and Following Seas”

Robert M. Rains (U.S.A. Ret.) - Leahy 1970-1971

Leahy Calendar

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Fine Naval Prints Available (sample above) From:

  Windjammer-Arts Naval Art & Aviation Art


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