This photo page depicts the

"final chapter"

of the USS Leahy


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The beginning..........      also   

 BM2 Robert "Bruce" Cullen (1964-1966) Commissioning Items     


Note: The initial cost of USS Leahy was more than $70 Million
         delivered and her scrap value was less than $100,000.00

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The USS Leahy Being Moved At San Diego - Possibly A Dead Stick Move To Drydock.

The below sequence of photos as described on the original Ebay entry was:

The Decommissioned USS Leahy Leaving San Diego And Being Towed To
The Inactive Ship Facility At Suisun Bay - Benicia, CA On 8 October 2003.

The original Ebay photo descriptor is inaccurate - Prior to entering the Suisan Bay Inactive Ship Facility at Suisan Bay - Benicia, CA on 8 October 1993, both the fore and aft mast had to be cut down to fit under a bridge to enter the Suisan Bay Facility. The masts were cut down in-port San Diego between June and October. When Leahy was decommissioned, both masts were already cut down and had been for some time.

Info provided by CDR Mark Jaszkowski, USN (Ret.) - (USS Leahy's last CO)

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These images were on E-Bay 17 June 2007

This next set of photos was supplied by Lt. Perry "Pete" Summers -

A former Leahy crewmember. They were taken in July 2004

in the Panama Canal Zone - Leahy was in transit to

International Shipbreaking Limited - Brownsville, Texas.

The final cruise (June-July 2004)..........

USS Leahy is towed by Fleet Ocean Tug USNS Navajo (T-ATF 169)

from The Inactive Ship Facility at Suisun Bay at Benicia, CA to

the former Rodman Naval Station - Panama Canal Zone.

(Refer to above photo set from Lt. Perry "Pete" Summers)

USS Leahy is then towed on the last leg of it's final journey

by Fleet Ocean Tug USNS Mohawk (T-ATF 170) to

International Shipbreaking Limited - Port of Brownsville,

Brownsville, TX for final disposition.

USS Leahy being towed by Fleet Ocean Tug USNS Mohawk (T-ATF 170)
in the Brownsville Ship Channel, Brownsville, Texas - 24 July 2004

Above-Below - Leahy arriving at the International Shipbreaking Limited yards on 24 July 2004

In pretty good shape after 42 years - 11 years at Suisun Bay and 31 years in the active fleet
A testimony to Bath Iron Works - Bath, Maine  and  to the men who manned her.......

Aerial view - USS Leahy on the right and USS Gridley (CG / DLG-21) on the left

The beginning of the end.........

Leahy port bow view - superstructure removed 11 November 2004

Leahy fantail view with aft missile launcher 11 November 2004

Lifting Leahy's rudder 24 November 2004 (Note-stern is partially removed aft of screw guard)

USS Leahy being moved to a ramp to complete the cutting up process 28 December 2004
(Note the 2 visible forward missile magazine missile loading rings)

Many Thanks To Robert L. Berry And Geldon Harper

For Providing These Lasting Photos Of The USS LEAHY

The first group of "final" Leahy photos were forwarded to the Leahy website by
Geldon Harper (1969-1971) - Kinston, NC - Mail:

via Robert Berry

The photos of Leahy were initially taken by Robert L. Berry
(, Co-Chief Operating Officer,
International Shipbreaking Limited LLC (International Shipbreaking
Limited, LLC - 18501 R.L. Ostos Road - Port of Brownsville,
Brownsville, TX 78521 " Tel: 956-831-2299 or 800-438-2605
Fax: 956-831-4112
Robert sells photos as a side business, separate from his job with ISL.
He does ask that you should contact him (Robert L. Berry) directly. He
makes prints on acid free paper with 70 year archival ink. Some of
the photos can be printed up to 13 in to 19 in. His contact phone
numbers are listed above; his E-Mail is:

Other ships scrapped at ISL (including Leahy Class)

are listed here   and here

See the USS Horne's (CG-30) final trip

This "FINAL" set of photos was supplied by Daniel Perez of

Huntsville, AL - They were taken on 9 March 2005 at

International Shipbreaking Limited - Brownsville, Texas.