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Navy Recruiting Poster - 1975

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     Above USS Leahy photos from: Sail With SMS" - Surface Missile Systems - U.S. Navy - 1966    


 USS Leahy At Bath Iron Works Initial Photo Album+   






+This outstanding sequence of photos was provided by Richard Brookes (USS Leahy 1977-1980) via Julie Phillips, Public Affairs Manager at Bath Iron Works. Many thanks to Richard and Julie for their efforts. The first photo in the sequence was provided by CDR Mark Jaszkowski, USN (Ret.) - (USS Leahy's last CO).

USS LEAHY At Bath Iron Works (From Various Sources)     





U.S.S. Leahy DLG-16 ...Quartering Bow View
Bath Maine 27 June 1962

U.S.S. Leahy DLG-16 ...Quartering Stern View
Bath Maine 27 June 1962


For a package of (50) USS Leahy construction photos, courtesy of Bath Iron Works, which were presented to the USS Leahy 2017 reunion group at Bath, Maine (comprised of individual photos and a .zip file of approx. 130MB)  

For an album (slideshow)


 USS Leahy Postal Cover 1962 - Commissioning Day 4 August 1962    


  USS Leahy Photos









Photo of USS Leahy (CG-16) Mess Deck by Bruce Cullen.


Photo of USS Leahy (DLG-16) taken in October (20-21) 1975 by Esko Helin of Helsinki, Finland. This photo was
      taken in the Port of Katajannokka, Finland. Leahy had just recently participated in NATO exercises in the Baltic Sea.

Esko has also sent copies of Swedish newspaper articles of USS Dewey (DLG-14) - Article 1 (no translation) from 1961 and USS Leahy (DLG-16) Article 2 from 19 May 1975. Click on for the translation supplied by Esko.


Article 1

Article 2  

Three articles supplied by Clay Stabler relating to 1975 port visits at Helsinki, Finland, and Leningrad, Russia.

Click on for the translation

Helsinki Article  

Leningrad Article 1  

Leningrad Article 2  

Four photos of USS Leahy (DLG-16) taken from USS Constellation (CVA-64) or USS Midway (CV-41),
      between 1979 and 1981 by Paul Jarvis of Phoenix, AZ. The location of first three photos is Yokosuka Japan.
      The fourth photo has Leahy outboard and USS Parsons (DDG-33) outboard an unidentified ship.



Three photos of USS Leahy (DLG-16) taken from the USS Canisteo (AO-99) in 1969 by James Foryst RD2


Two photos of USS Leahy (CG-16) taken from the USS Cowpens (CG-99) by the CO Capt. Dallas Bethea (USS Leahy 1977-1979) in the Persian Gulf when LEAHY made here last operation deployment right before going through DECOM. Sent by Robert M. Rains (U.S.A. Ret. - USS Leahy 1970-1971)


Photos 1-2 of USS Leahy (DLG-16) taken from the USS John F. Kennedy (CVA-67) October 1970, by a former AQ2 (Aviation Fire Control Technician), who served in VA-34 (The Blue Blasters) who were flying A-6 Intruders. VA-34 was embarked aboard the JFK as part of Carrier Air Wing ONE (CVW 1), when Leahy made that early deployment to the Med back in 1970 - Photos 3-4 taken of USS John F. Kennedy (CVA-67) from Leahy and Photo 5 taken aboard USS Leahy by Bob Rains (ALL submitted by Bob Rains USS Leahy 1970-1971).


An underway view of USS Leahy in the Agean Sea March-April 1971 timeframe. Photos taken from the USS Rush (DD-714) by Jim Kelly GMG3.


  A periscope view of USS Leahy from USS Odax (SS-484)     

  A view of USS Leahy forward director maintenance from Gary Schut (click on photo)     

  Photo series of USS Leahy taken from USS Wainright (DLG-28) June 1971 - (Submitted/taken by Bill van Leeuwen
      Arlington, Texas)


  NavSource Photos   





As We Remembered Her.....

DOD Multimedia Photos (search - USS Leahy)

DOD Defense Imagery Photos (search - USS Leahy)

USS Leahy (CG-16) And USS Sample (DE 1048) (circa 1980)      

USS Leahy (CG-16), USS Costellation (CV-64) And USS Takelma (ATF-113) (Circa 1978-1979)  

USS Leahy Cruise Tracking Chart - 1960's (Ken Deshaies via Bill Schmitz - Ebay)

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 USS Leahy's 1962 Configuration (Newport, RI)     

USS Leahy Christmas Card (Donated By Ben Siebels EMCS, USN Ret.)

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USS Leahy Christmas Card - Late 1960's Vintage (Donated By Geldon Harper RM3)

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Ship's Store Postcard - 1974      

Ship's Store Postcard - 1977      

USS Leahy CG-16 - 1975   

 USS Leahy's Final Configuration  

 USS Leahy Painting - 36"x24" (Presented To Captain William B. Murray By The General Dynamics Corporation - 1968)

These 3 paintings are by Ed Ramstead-an amazing man, worked for General Dynamics in the 1960's...a very talented illustrator. I spoke to him on the phone just last week. He painted the image we used for the USS Horne plaque on Mt. Soledad. Just do a Google search for "Ed Ramstead Leahy" to see this print and some of his other amazing work. Joe Westerberg (4-20)


 USS Leahy Artwork (Final assembly by Geldon Harper)


 USS Leahy Artwork (Commissioned By USS Leahy CO Capt. Samuel S. Pearlman During Yard Period At Long Beach, CA 1976-1977) - Courtesy Of Ben Siebels

USS Leahy - Cruiser Photo Archive OR  Click Here

Admiral Leahy Documentation - Courtesy Of Frank Simpson       

 BM2 Robert "Bruce" Cullen (1964-1966) Commissioning Items     


USS Leahy - 1975 Trip To Russia Info - Courtesy Of Johnnie Noles

 USS Leahy - 1975 Trip To Russia Info - Courtesy Of Ron Bell, CAPT, USN, SC (Ret) who was an LTJG and Disbursing Officer at the time (Submitted by Clay Stabler - Missile Officer USS Leahy 1974-1976).

 USS Leahy - 1975 Leningrad Photo of Liz Taylor aboard the USS Leahy with CO Capt. Sinclair - Liz was on a movie assignment in Leningrad when Alex Sinclair (CO 8-74 / 10-76) sailed the Leahy to Russia as part of a visiting warship exchange. Capt. Sinclair invited Liz to the USS Leahy for lunch. (Photo submitted by Don Hall)

A copy of the guest list for one of the dinners during the Leningrad visit in 1975.

 USS Leahy - 1975 Trip To Russia Info - (Submitted by Clay Stabler - Missile Officer USS Leahy 1974-1976)

From the St. Petersburg Russian TV (retro) news blog dated 13 May 2010:

13/05/2010 U.S. Navy in Soviet Leningrad
May 13, 1975, the year of the 30th anniversary of Victory in Leningrad (the first time since the end of World War II) came two American warships. Frigate "Leahy" and destroyer "Tattnoll" (USS Tattnall [DDG-19]) included in the Neva Bay and moored in the harbor at the Vasilevsky Island.

Original Russian webpage

Translated webpage

For the video*

*Video also submitted by Ron Simons (Leahy 1974-1978)

 USS Leahy - 1975 Trip To Russia - Tass news article dated 15 May 1975.

 USS Leahy Crew Signed Placard - Leningrad, Russia 1975

(A photo of this placard signed by crew members and guests was displayed at one time on the mess decks.)

(Submitted by Bob Lion - USS Leahy 1972-1975)   

 USS Leahy Postal Cover - Leningrad, Russia 1975

(Submitted by Clay Stabler - Missile Officer USS Leahy 1974-1976).   

A commemorative postal cover with the signatures of RADM Langille, CAPT Sinclair and CDR Flanagan.

 Other Leahy Shipmate Submissions

  USS Leahy Postal Cover 1970 - JMSDF KIKUZUKI (DD-165)    

  USS Leahy Postal Cover 1975 - USS Leahy Russia Visit       (Donated by RMCS Kenneth Koch, USN Ret.)

 USS Leahy At Suisun Bay Reserve Fleet Facility 25 April 2003   Photo Set 1    Photo Set 2


For an album of (100+) USS Leahy pre-decommissioning photos, courtesy of Richard Brookes (USS Leahy 1977-1980), which were taken one week prior to the USS Leahy de-commissioning at San Diego, CA

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 USS Leahy Final Photos 2004 - Scrapping At Brownsville, Texas

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