If you have any info regarding any of the below listed shipmates.....

I have been trying to track down a buddy from 1991-1993, that I would like to see at the reunion in Niagra. He is MS3 Matt Breault, I have been trying to find him for 6 months now, I know he is originally from Mass, last time I spoke to him was about 4 years ago, he was then located
in Poughkeepsie NY.

Respond to: John M. O'Donnell at:

I write to you hoping you can help me find a very dear person, his name is Robert Biggerstaff, he is tall and red headed, last time I saw him, he was leaving for 6 months to the Persian Gulf on the USS Leahy (CG 16), I couldn't say goodbye in person, so I called that morning, but the ship had already left, I always wanted to write to him but I never had the courage to tell him something, its been more than 10 years now, and I still feel guilty, and I need to tell him I was a coward and a fool. If you know him or know someone who might, I would deeply appreciate if you would give him my e-mail address or I would appreciate any information so that I might locate him.

A Million Thanks in advance...
Respond to: Mary Esther

Urgently trying to locate: Stanley Grayson. Stanley was a former Leahy crewmember.
Respond to: Joe Gall

Trying to locate: BM3 Robert Jefferies (Leahy 1964-1966).

If you have any information on his whereabouts or contact information
or know anyone who might, I would appreciate it very much.

Respond to: Darrell (Sandy) W. Sandstrom


Contact Bob Jefferies (1st Division 1964-1966) at:


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Trying to locate: GMM1 Millard T. Sharp and GMM? "Chuck/Skup" Skuppin
Missile Division (Leahy 1967-197?)

Respond to: Gary Spencer (GMM2)

Trying to locate: Rick Caldwell, Tony Lejsek, Chuck Wydell and
James Keith (Leahy 1962-1965)

Respond to: Clarence "Charlie" Brown (BT3)

Trying to locate: Leahy shipmate - Doug Foote

Respond to: Rhonda Perry

Trying to locate information on: Leahy shipmate - Charles Shedlock (BT? - Leahy mid '80's)

My name is Gary R. Mensch. I never served onboard the USS Leahy. However, from during 1981
and 1982, I served onboard the USS Parsons, DDG-33, wtih a fellow Boiler Technician by the name
of Charles Shedlock. For the longest time, the two of us were inseperable and the best of friends.
The Parsons was decommissioned in November of 1982, and her crew was spread across the fleet.
Until the time I seperated in 1986 I peridically saw Charlie and/or his wife Jill. After my discharge,
I lost track of them.

Through another former Parsons shipmate, Thomas Lintz, I recently heard that unfortunately Charlie
passed away in an auto accident sometime in 1986. Tom said it occurred not long after the Leahy
returned from deployment. From what he had been told, the accident occurred in Las Vegas when the car Charlie was in, or driving, overturned. His wife Jill, who may have been pregnant at the time, was
back east and not present.

I was wondering if anyone in the crew remembered Charlie and had any more information about what happened. He was a great guy, an good BT and sailer, and not to mention, an excellant friend. It really shocked and saddened me to hear of his loss.

Any information you, or any one in the crew, could provide would be greatly appreciated.

Sincerely, Gary R. Mensch

Respond to: Gary R. Mensch

Trying to locate: Leahy crewmembers who sailed up to West Point in 1978.

Respond to: William Vacek

Trying to locate: I've been trying to locate Robert Torres (on the right) for 20 years).

That's me, (Joe Dabrowski on the left) Anybody know anything? (Taken some place in the Med)

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