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My thanks to ALL those respondents - you will receive a COMPLIMENTARY copy of my local newspaper

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You will receive this valuable, downloadable  Leahy wall painting

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    NEED FURTHER INFO Regarding This Event

Date: 2003-01-07 14:04:03
Oleg Rykov -

Jolly good start of a long time expected site of the USS Leahy! Sending my hello from "over the hill" officers and sailors of a decommisioned Soviet Navy unit "CCB -493" which had an encounter with your cruiser at Point Mugu back in 1984/85 crusing 3 days in an`"honorary escort" of the "admiral" and her company in your crusier's effort to return a Navy drone picked up by our ship. Anyone has any recollection of that or pictures of the "Charlie Charlie Bravo" taken by your crew? If any, I would appreciate receiving one.
Have a smooth sailing,
Sincerely, Oleg Rykov, LCDR Russian Navy Ret.

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Would like any info or photos regarding the Leahy grounding at Tokyo under Capt. Pearlman. I have received TEN responses so far - any other versions out there?

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-- Carl Christianson has donated the LEAHY 1965-1966 Cruisebook

-- Johnnie Noles has donated the LEAHY 1970-1971 Cruisebook,
shoulder patch and DLG-16 ZIPPO

-- Wayne Wenner has kindly loaned an original LEAHY ships patch

-- Capt. William B. Murray has kindly donated a LEAHY ships patch

-- Robin Henson has kindly donated a LEAHY 1978 ships newspaper

-- Jerry Gay has sent Ken an "Official" Leahy DLG-16 coffee mug

-- Smalley McHam has donated a LEAHY 1968 re-commissioning booklet

-- Mike Ryan has donated the LEAHY UNITAS X Cruisebook

-- Ken Bellock has donated a Leahy plastic (Revell) model and a
USS LEAHY 1962 Pre-commissioning Handbook

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Would any former shipmate be willing to part temporarily with the WestPac 1976 Cruise
Book, so that I might scan and add it to this site? It will be returned in a timely manner, in
the conditioned received. Please forward your reply to:

For some shipmates, this is the only source of prior Cruisebook info....their originals were lost in household moves, house fires, earthquakes, floods, other natural disasters or divorce actions, etc.

I thank the below named shipmates for their submissions:

Stan Kielbowicz - Johnnie Noles* - Robin Henson - Carl Christianson* - Patrick Cahill - Steven Zinsli - Captain Christopher Paddock USN Ret. - Jack Saxton - Mike Ryan* - for their Cruisebook submissions. The Cruisebook library is growing.

*Cruisebook Donations

I am also looking for other USS Leahy patches that can be scanned -- ones that are not listed on this page:

I am looking for some original letters/communiques from Capt. Anastasian, to the Leahy crew while on deployment during the first Med Cruise (1964). This information would be extremely helpful in completing the Leahy timeline for the 1964 period. Some of these letters/communiques appear in the 1964 Med Cruise book, but unfortunately, these 3 pages also have photos superimposed on them, and it is difficult to read the total text.

Capt. Steven N. Anastasian has forwarded copies of the above documents

I am also looking for scans or originals of "Leahy-Grams"; POD's; USS Leahy incidents that are noteworthy, etc.

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The USS Leahy account currently has a PLUS $360.00 start for the

June 2018 - June 2022 time-period!!

*Many thanks to these
former Leahy shipmates.....

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Ken Deshaies

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