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    The NAVY - Then And Now

    Making A Fortune In 1972           

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Might have been   Bainbridge, MD, San Diego, CA - San Diego, CA or Orlando, FL....

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  Great Lakes -- Ridin' The Rails.....

Chicago North Shore and Milwaukee Railroad, often called the North Shore Line, was an interurban railroad line that operated between Chicago, Illinois, and Milwaukee, Wisconsin, until its abandonment in 1963. If you were heading up to Milwaukee or down to "Chi Town" - this was the way to go. These elecctric cars gave quite a nice ride and had plush soft green fabric seats --- Ken was lucky enough to ride this line in 1962....

Liberty in Chicago - Usually involving a little kikapoo joy juice and possibly some "ink" for those so inclined or up to the
Eagles Club in Milwaukee for dancing and .......

Great Lakes Sailor Special:

Point 1        Point 2        Sign 


Chicago (Loop) Drop-Off:

Main Chicago downtown North Shore Line station at 223 S. Wabash Ave.

Point 1


Milwaukee Drop-Off:

Point 1

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  Popeye Tune   Popeye Lyrics    Barnacle Bill The Sailor (sing along)

    Don't Get LOST   

    One Of My Favorite Shipmates From North Carolina   

    I Like The NAVY - Text 1    Text 2    Text 3    Statement

    The OLD Navy (submitted by former WAVE Cam Pilcher - San Antonio, TX)

   Familiar Sounds - A History         

Pipe The Side   GQ Drill    Sound GQ    GQ    Secure From GQ

LEAHY Arriving    All Hands    Morning Colors    Evening Colors

Reveille    Belay That    Carry On    Heave Around    Pass The Word   

Sweepers    The 4 Ways     To be the first in your neighborhood to pipe 

1-MC (general shipboard announcing system) Announcements
1-59 MC Circuits Explained

   Naval Traditions, Customs, & Etiquette (Yes ETIQUETTE)  And Here

   The Chief---Some Perceptions.......         

    Familiar Items

    Navy Memories  

   USN Boatswain Mate Provides Answers

  Miss That Good 'Ole Navy Cooking---Then Form A Line Here.......

 SOS#1     SOS#2     SOS For ALL     Bean Soup     Find Your Own     The Reference

USN Cookbook 1904     USN Cookbook 1920     USN Cookbook 1945


    The Coffee Mess: Link 1 - Link 2

      Ode To The Midwatch

  Pollywogs BEWARE     
Forwarded by BM2 Robert "Bruce" (Skip) Cullen 1964-1966 &
original USS Rich DD-820 1965-66 Med-Mid East Cruise Book
   "Unofficial" Naval Terms And Expressions

    Dump That ROLEX - Get A BELL

    Time To Fold Some Clothes - Gotta Fit It All In That Bag

    Bone Up On Navy Surface Preservation

Can't Text - Learn / Use the SEMAPHORE

   Forget About Texting......Start Using Some Signal Flags

  Three IMPORTANT Pieces Of Navy Documentation          

   On-Load Some Humor From USS Samuel Gompers (AD-37)

  Submitted Naval Humor And Rememberances

Time For Some Norfolk-Related Sea Stories (Compliments of Dex Arnstrong - A diesel boat survivor)

For The "Sailors" Lament......
For The "Snipes" Lament......