USS Leahy Timeline.....

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Award date 7 November 1958. Her keel is laid at Bath Iron Works Corp., Bath, Maine on 3 December 1959. USS Leahy Hull #339. UIC # 52687. Program 67/58. Leahy is the lead ship in a class of nine ships.


Under construction.


Launched 1 July.


Delivery date 27 July. Leahy is commissioned on 4 August at Boston Naval Shipyard and sponsored by Mrs. Michael J. Mansfield, wife of Senator Mansfield - Montana, Senate Majority Leader. Captain Robert L. Baughan, Jr., is Leahy's first Commanding Officer.


After shakedown in the Caribbean, Leahy departed Boston 19 September 1963 and reported to new homeport of Charleston, S.C., where Rear Adm. E. E. Grimm, Commander CruiserDestroyer Flotilla 6, selected her as his flagship. She then proceeded to the Jacksonville operating areas for type training, and briefly puts in to Charleston in November before returning to the Caribbean to participate in AA warfare exercises.


Departs 2 January for the Caribbean for missile training, which ends on 26 February. From 1 - 10 April, Leahy participates in amphibious exercise "Quick Kick V". On 1 June, Leahy is permanently assigned to DESRON 6. Leahy departs Charleston 10 July for the Atlantic Missile Range near Puerto Rico for annual missile exercises. There is liberty in Puerto Rico for 2 evenings. Leahy then departs for her first Med cruise on 17 July. Prior to entering the Meditterranean, the Task Group [Leahy is part of a Fast Carrier Task Group which included USS Forrestal (CVA-59), USS Boston (CAG-1), USS MacDonough (DLG-8), USS Sellers (DDG-11)], conducts flight ops 24-26 July in the Rota Spain area. Leahy then refuels prior to entering the Med on 27 July. On July 29 Leahy drops anchor in Pollensa Bay on the northern coast of Mallorca. Leahy relieves USS Bainbridge (DLGN-25). Leahy gets underway on the 30th. On 1 August Leahy anchors in Golfo-Di-Palmas, Sardinia for a conference of Sixth Fleet Attack Forces. Leahy arrives in Genoa, Italy, her first liberty port on 4 August. The 4th of August is also Leahy's second anniversary. While in Genoa, the grandson of Admiral William D. Leahy, Lt. Richard N. Leahy, attached to USS Altair (AKS-32), visits Leahy for her second anniversary festivities. Leahy departs Genoa on 13 August, and participates in a coordinated fleet amphibious exercise,"MEDLANDEX-64," between the Balearic Islands (Mallorca and Menorca) and Sardinia; Leahy roams the Tyrrenian Sea, passing through the Strait Of Bonifacio between Sardinia and Corsica. On 21 August Leahy arrives at her second liberty port, Theoule, France. Leahy departs Theoule, France on 26 August. Leahy steams down between Corsica and Elba, passes throught The Straits Of Messina between the toe of Italy and Sicily. Leahy participates in routine operations and independent training exercises in the eastern Mediterranean. On 1 September, Leahy re-fuels from USS Chuckawan (AO-100). Leahy arrives in Naples, Italy 18 September. Leahy departs Naples, Italy, 22 September with USS Forrestal (CVA-59), to join in NATO exercise, "FALLEX-64". On 6 October, Leahy arrives in Athens, Greece for a 2 day visit. Leahy departs Athens on 7 October. Leahy returns to Athens 16 October for a 6 day visit (22 October). Leahy's next port is Naples on 26 October, and she ties up alongside USS Shenandoah (AD-44) for a routine upkeep period. Leahy departs Naples 9 November. Leahy arrives in her next port of Leghorn (Livorno), Italy on 10 November. Leahy departs Livorno on 18 November. Leahy also participates in another fleetwide exercise, "POOPDECK-IV", which brought some 40 ships of T.F. 60 together off the coast of Spain. Leahy enters Barcelona, Spain for a 4 day port visit with USS Forrestal (CVA-59), USS Nitro (AE-23), USS Neosho (AO-23), USS Harry E. Yarnell (DLG-17), 4 DD's and a DDG. Leahy departs Barcelona, Spain for at-sea night replenishment on 2 December. The next and last port of call is Cagliari, Sardinia. On (22)14 December drew the curtain on 32,750 miles (60,653 km) of steaming while deployed with the 6th Fleet. She arrived Charleston 22 December. [Refer to Captain Steven N. Anastasion Letters to Families-Crew - ]


December 1964 began a period of restricted availability in preparation for extensive tests to evaluate the Terrier Guidance Missile System. During these tests, which were completed in September, Leahy was briefly deployed in the Dominican Republic Operation, from 28 April to 7 May 1965 as a unit of the Strike and Covering Force. Leahy then departs Charleston, SC on 30 November (1 December) for her second Med cruise, and relieves William V. Pratt (DLG-13) at Polensa Bay, Majorca, 9 December. For two weeks, USS Leahy operates in the Western Mediterranean with Task Group 60.1. Leahy spends the Christmas holidays in Naples, Italy, and the New Years holidays in Livorno, Italy.


On 4 January, Leahy is underway again, joining up with USS America (CVA-66) and other destroyers. Leahy spends 22 continuous days at sea engaged in various exercises and plane guard duty for USS America. On 26 January, Leahy returns to Naples, Italy and spends time tied up alongside USS Everglades (AD-24 ) for 12 days. Leahy then rejoins Task Group 60.1 west of Sardinia. The Leahy fires missiles on the 1 February and then heads back to the Tyrrhenian Sea. On 4 February, Leahy commences a week long training anchorage in Aranci Bay, Sardinia. From the 11 to 23 February, Leahy is in port at Genoa, Italy. On 28 February, Leahy rejoins units of the Sixth Fleet and the French Navy for a NATO Exercise, FAIRGAME IV. This anti-aircraft/air assault exercise lasts 10 days. During this period, Leahy sailors visit the French warship Tartu (D636). After completion of exercise FAIRGAME IV, Leahy then proceeds to Palma, Mallorca for a short port visit. Leahy then proceeds to Taranto, Italy for the Fleet Commanders Conference, and then returns to Palma, Mallorca. Leahy makes one more port call at Pollensa Bay, Mallorca, to meet it's relief, USS Richard E. Byrd (DDG-24). After 4 months on station, Leahy departs for Charleston, SC. Leahy returns home to Charleston on 8 April 1966. During June and July she gave some 60 midshipmen from Annapolis valuable at-sea training, and visited ports along the Atlantic coast and in the Caribbean. Following this, on 24 August, Leahy departs Charleston for rendevous off Trinidad with USS Hammerberg (DE-1015), USS Van Voorhis (DE-1028) and USS Requin (SS-481) for the commencement of UNITAS VII. USS Leahy was selected as the flagship for COMSOLANT. Leahy conducted exercises with the navies of many South American countries as part of operation UNITAS VII. She sailed through the Panama Canal in early September, then south and through the Straits of Magellan at the end of October. The operation was completed on 6 December and the Leahy returned to Charleston on the 15th.

UNITAS VII Schedule:


Leahy then prepared for massive modernization at Philadelphia Naval Shipyard, departing Charleston on 25 January, arriving at Philadelphia 27 January 1967. Her decommissioning on 18 February, and then turned over to the Commander of the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard. For over a year she received new AAW and ASW equipment, allowing her to utilize the most recent developments in the technology of naval warfare, at a total cost of $36,100,000.


She was placed in commission, special, on 4 May 1968 for the extensive period of testing her updated weapons systems. Leaving Philadelphia on 18 August, she arrived at her new home port, Norfolk, VA 3 days later. Leahy joined DESRON 18 on 4 May, and continued the process of sharpening her expanded capabilities, into 1969. In conjunction with Leahy's in-port visit to Port Everglades, FL on 6 December 1968, the RMS Queen Elizabeth (recently retired from Cunard Lines) was nudged into her new home of Port Everglades - Leahy was tied directly across from her (see the 5th photo down in this blog for 22 July 2009 - in the photo, Leahy is sitting at about 10 o'oclock - at the end of the pier - believe me it's her).



At 1125 hours on 25 July Leahy departs Norfolk, VA to commence Operation UNITAS X, under the command of Rear Admiral James A. Dare, Commander South Atlantic Force, U.S. Atlantic Fleet in an exercise involving elements of South American navies; Brazilian Minas Gerais (A-11), CT Santa Catarina - D 32 (Ex. USS Irwin DD-794), Argentine, Columbian, Chilean ships O'Higgins 02 (Ex. USS Brooklyn CL-40) and Araucano - AO-53, Ecuadorian 25 De Julio (Ex. Enright APD-66, Ex. DE-216), Peruvian, Venezuelan and Urguayan navies, in company with US Navy elements - USS Joseph K. Taussig (DE-1030), USS Sarsfield (DD-837) , USS Grampus (SS-523), 2 maritime patrol aircraft from VP-45 and 1 transport aircraft from Fleet Tactical Support Squadron One. Also embarked from San Juan, was the US Navy Showband of 26 musicians. Leahy's Port Schedule is:

San Juan, Puerto Rico 25-28 July
Cartagena, Columbia  
6-10 August
Panama Canal Transit  
12 August   Link 1 (time lapse)
Rodman Naval Station - Panama Canal Zone
12-14 August   Link 1   Link 2   Link 3   Link 4
*First Equator Crossing - 17-18 August
Guayaquil, Ecuador -
18-21 August
Galapagos Islands
25-28 August
Callao/Lima, Peru
4-6 September
Arica, Chile
8-9 September
Mejillones Bay, Chile
11-12 September
Bahia Inglesa, Chile
13-14 September
Valparaiso/Vina Del Mar, Chile
17-23 September
Puerto Montt, Chile
26-29 September
Punta Arenas, Chile 
2-3 October
Transit The Straits Of Magellan
Puerto Belgrano, Argentina  
6-10 October
Montevideo, Uruguay  
15-21 October
Rio De Janeiro, Brazil  
30 October-6 November
Salvador(Bahia), Brazil  
10-12 November
Second Crossing Of The Equator  
0000-0400 on 20 November (0800 ceremony)
La Guaira/Caracas, Venezuela  
28 November-2 December (7 Days out from Norfolk)
San Juan, Puerto Rico  
5-7 December
Arrive Norfolk, Virginia
10 December

*Pollywogs were transformed into Shellbacks when USS LEAHY crossed the Equator at:

80o 44' W  on 17-18 August 1969.      


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For more info regarding the UNITAS X Cruise



From 19-22 May, Leahy participates in Operation Exotic Dancer III. On 14 September, Leahy departs Norfolk, Va. for a 10 day missile exercise in the waters off San Juan, Puerto Rico. Sometime during the transit to the exercise, USS Leahy in company with USS John F. Kennedy (CVA-67) and USS Belknap (DLG-26) receives emergency orders to depart the Caribbean Sea, utilizing high speed transit of the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea, and to report to a point in the Eastern Mediterranean, some 100 miles off the coast of Egypt, in connection with the "Jordanian Crisis". They enter the Mediterranean Sea on 24 September 1970. A seven and a half month Med Cruise has now commenced. USS Leahy also operates with USS Forrestal (CVA-59), USS Lawrence (DDG-4), USS Allen M. Sumner (DD-692), USS Hugh Purvis (DD-709), USS William R. Rush (DD-714) and USS Brumby (DE-1044) while in the Med. Some of the ports of call include Mallorca, Spain - Barcelona, Spain - Valletta, Malta - Naples, Italy - Greece (during Christmas).



On 13 February 1971, a USS Leahy change of command ceremony takes place in Naples, Italy. Capt. R. F. Hoffman relieves Capt. O. N. Putman. On 1 May, USS Leahy returns to Norfolk, Va. from this Med Cruise.



Leahy departs for her 4th Med deployment in February. Leahy returns in September and undergoes her first major overhaul since re-commissioning.



Leahy departs for the Caribbean, with almost a totaly new crew. From June until August, Leahy is involved in an extensive training period--with frequent stops in Gitmo. Leahy, in October, also spends 6 more weeks in the Caribbean for OPS training.



Leahy departs for her fifth Med Cruise in January, and from January thru July, Leahy operates with the 6th Fleet in the Meditterranean. At the end of June, Leahy in conjunction with USS America (CVA-66), participates in Exercise Flaming Lance, off the coast of Sardinia, during which time USS Leahy (DLG -16) controlled over 1,000 intercepts by USS America's aircraft.



In May USS Leahy heads east. On May 12, shortly before her sixth Med cruise, Leahy became the first U.S. warship (with USS Tattnall DDG-19) to visit Leningrad, Russia since the early 1960's, and the first U.S. warship to visit the Soviet Union since World War II. In all, more than 12,300 Soviet visitors toured Leahy during her 5 day visit from 12 - 17 May. Her crew participated in a variety of athletic contests with local teams and enjoyed visits to a hockey game and the Kirov Ballet. She also received a visit from Elizabeth Taylor who was on location filming The Blue Bird. Leahy then made port calls in Finland and England before making her way into the Mediterranean. During the deployment she visited Spain, France, Monaco (for July 4th celebrations and HSH Princess Grace's Red Cross Ball), Italy, Greece and Turkey.

USS Leahy's port schedule is:

Portsmouth, England
Leningrad, Russia

Helsinki, Finland
Portsmouth, England (Again to drop off RADM. Langille & Staff)
Rota, Spain
Barcelona, Spain
Palma de Mallorca
Ajaccio, Corcica
Naples, Italy
Finale Ligure, Italy
Athens, Greece
Marmaris, Turkey
Istanbul, Turkey
Principality Of Monaco
Norfolk, VA

On 30 June, Leahy was re-classified from a DLG-16 to a CG-16, as part of the United States Navy 1975 Ship Reclassification. Her sister ships were also redesignated as guided missile cruisers.

Leahy returns to Norfolk, Virginia 4 November, after completing her Meditterranean deployment in October. Leahy has now completed
six Med cruises.



In January 1976, Leahy leaves Norfolk, via the Panama Canal, and proceeds to her new Pacific Fleet homeport of San Diego California, where she participates in various fleet exercises off the west coast. On 6 June, Leahy assists ex. USN MSO, the research vessel "Aquasition", in the rescue of 22 crewman and attempts to extinguish her fire. The firefighing efforts were not successful, and the ex. MSO eventually sinks. The 22 crewman are brought into San Diego. Leahy offloads all weapons on 6 September at Naval Weapons Station, Seal Beach, CA prior to entering Long Beach Naval Shipyard on 9 September to begin a year long overhaul. USS Leahy overhaul commences on 1 November. Leahy is then towed from Pier 6 to Drydock 3. During her 12 months in the yards, Leahy received many improvements and modifications in her fire control system, engineering plant, communication system and other areas, designed to assure her of being a fleet AAW leader for another five years.



On 7-8 July and 19-20 July Leahy completes Boiler Light Off Exams (LOE). On 4-5 August, Leahy completes dock trials. Leahy steams out of Long Beach 15-18 August for the first time since the beginning of her overhaul period. On 29 August to 1 September and 15-22 September, Leahy is involved in underway systems testing. Leahy leaves Long Beach for San Francisco on 27 September. Leahy then returns to Long Beach and participates in Navy Day celebrations 8-10 October, while tied to the Broadway Pier.



Leahy returns to San Diego in April from RIMPAC '78. USS Leahy dependants cruise is held on 2 June.

Leahy commences her FIRST WestPac deployment in July. Her deployment schedule is as follows:

July 6                    Underway from San Diego - Shift Colors
July 12-15             Inport Pearl Harbor, Hawaii
July 16                  Depart Pearl Harbor, Hawaii
July 29                  Inport Yokosuka, Japan
August 1               Inport Buckner Bay, Okinawa
August 2-3            MISSILEX 4-78
August 4               Ships Anniversary Celebration (16 Years Old)
August 5-24          Inport Subic Bay, R.P.
August 25             Underway From Subic Bay, R.P.
August 31             Inport Kaohsiung, Taiwan
September 4-7      SHARKHUNT XXVII
September 7-9      Inport Kaohsiung, Taiwan
September 9         Depart Kaohsiung, Taiwan
September 10       SAMEX
September 14
September 21       Struck rock while departing Yokosuka, Japan. Assisted back to
     Until                 port by 2 tugs, for major repairs. In drydock for 7 weeks.
November 12        Last inport day Yokosuka, Japan
November 11        Capt. C. H. Ulrich relieves Capt. Samuel S. Pearlman
November 13        Sea Trials - Join TG77.7 with USS Consellation (CVA-64)
November 30

December 4          Inport Sasebo, Japan
December             Leahy departs Sasebo, Japan and rendevous with USS Constellation (CVA-64) and conducts operations with the task group for the next 8 days.
December 13-15   Inport Pusan, Korea
December -           Leahy departs Pusan, Korea for operations with USS Constellation (CVA-64) Battle Group.
December 23-30   Inport Subic Bay, R.P.
December 30        Leahy is underway and operates with the USS Constellation (CVA-64) Task Group for almost the entire month of January 1979.



January 9               Crossed the Equator
January 15-19        Inport Singapore
January 22             Joins TG75.1
January 25-29        Inport Subic Bay, R.P.
February 2              Inport Guam, M.I. (Refueling stop)
February 11-12       Inport Pearl Harbor, Hawaii

Leahy leaves Pearl Harbor on 13 February and commences "Operation Tiger" - 26 male family members of Leahy crew, participate in "Navy Life" for the next 7 days.

February 19            Moored San Diego at 1200 - Shift Colors.

Leahy has completed her first 7 1/2 month WestPac deployment. From February to March, Leahy is in a 1 month stand-down period. April, May and June is devoted to tender availability; Leahy also participates in a 10 day exercise, acting as "Orange Force", to test fleet readiness. On 8-9 June, Leahy hosts a ship's picnic. An award ceremony is held for crewmembers on 3 July. Leahy departs San Diego on 28 July and enters San Francisco Harbor on 29 July. On 30 July, Leahy participates in AAW exercise "Sea Crow". On 1 August, Leahy moors at Pier 70 in Manchester, WA and commences a 1 week participation in the Seattle SEAFAIR. Leahy departs Seattle on 7 August for San Diego, where she participates in "Finest City" week, while tied at the Broadway pier.



In February-March timeframe, USS Leahy participates in Exercise RIMPAC 1980 (26 February - 17 March 1980) in Hawaiin waters. RIMPAC '80 involved approximately 41 naval ships, 200 aircraft, and 20,000 men. [A side note: Tied up in Pearl Harbour during this time, were two Japanese destroyers, which were the first Japanese naval vessels allowed to enter Pearl Harbour since 1941. There were protests from various groups in Hawaii about their presence and needless to say, the Japanese were on their best behaviour].
USS Leahy departs San Diego for WestPac 1980 on 15 May. Leahy arrives at Pearl Harbor on 23 May. Leahy departs Pearl Harbor on 27 May for Pusan, Korea. On 30 May at 0200, Leahy crosses the International Date Line. Leahy arrives at Pusan, Korea on 2nd week of June (14th ?). On 24 June, 11 midshipmen embark Leahy for summer training. Leahy is underway for Yokosuka, Japan, where she will be in port until 13 July. On 23 July Leahy enters Subic Bay, R.P. Leahy is again underway on 28 July and arrives in Singapore 1 August at 0940 at the Naval Basin Sembawang. On 4 August Leahy celebrates her 18th birthday. At 0700 on 12 August, Leahy departs Singapore for the Indian Ocean (transits The Straits Of Malacca). On 17 August, Leahy is now on station in the Indian Ocean, with her next stop at Diego Garcia. On 21 August Leahy crosses the Equator (Pollywog Day) and the initiation ceremonies take place on the 22nd at Latitude 000, Longditude 84.32 South. An awards ceremony is held on Diego Garcia on 25 August while tied up alongside USS Ajax (AR-6). Leahy spends 4 days in Diego Garcia. Leahy then departs Diego Garcia for 18 days on "Gonzo Station" in the Arabian Sea. In September Leahy is on station in the Arabian Sea as FAAWC for USS Midway (CV-41) and USS Eisenhower (CVN-69) Carrier Battle Groups, where she serves as flagship for Commander U.S. Middle East Force. Leahy arrives at Mombasa, Kenya on 21 September. Leahy departs Mombasa, Kenya on 27 September and again heads for "Gonzo Station". On 11 October Leahy is ordered to enter the Persian Gulf via the Straits Of Hormuz, to provide antiaircraft defense for Saudi Arabia. Leahy arrives at San Diego from WestPac 1980 on 4 December 1980. On 19 December 1980, Leahy is at pier 4, Naval Station, San Diego, Calif.



1 January 1981, Leahy is at pier 4, Naval Station, San Diego, Calif. USS Leahy is scheduled for a major overhaul at Long Beach Naval Shipyard, including installation of CIWS and Harpoon systems. On 15 January, Leahy departs San Diego for weapons off-load at Seal Beach, CA and off-loads the same day. Leahy departs Seal Beach on 16 January and arrives in Long Beach on the afternoon of the 16th and moors at the Long Beach Naval Shipyard. Long Beach will be Leahy's temporary home port during her shipyard period. On 2 March Leahy sailors move to off-ship berthing on APL-2. On 9 March future CO Capt. W. W. Salmon reports aboard Leahy. USS Leahy enters drydock on 11 March. Change of command ceremony takes place at U.S. Naval Shipyard Long Beach, CA on 14 March as Capt. C. H. Ulrich is relieved by Capt. Walter W. Salmon, Jr. On 17 April Leahy celebrates Capt. Salmon's birthday. On 8 May Leahy holds a personnel inspection and awards ceremony atop APL-2 at 1200. A ships picnic is held on 22 May and Leahy also leaves drydock on the same day and moves to Pier 1.


USS Leahy participates in sea trials Eastern Pacific.Visits Seattle, WA for Sea Fair and Portland, OR and Vancouver, BC Canada. Leahy is delayed from pulling into Pearl Harbor, Hawaii (Thanksgiving) for a couple of days due to Hurricane Iwa.



Leahy arrives at San Diego 3 January to correct major machinery casualties. Leahy participates in Rediex 83-2, the second phase of intensive battle group operations practice. On March 20 Leahy departs for 16 hours of sea trials prior to her WestPac deployment - next stop Pearl Harbor. USS Leahy participates in West PAC cruise April thru October, with the newly reactivated battleship USS New Jersey (BB-62). Leahy vistits ports in Phillipines, Sasebo and Yokosuka, Japan, Pusan, South Korea and Hong Kong.



USS Leahy has a 3 day encounter with a Russian Balzam Class AGI "Aziya" CCB-493 (SSV-493) off the coast of California in the Pacific Missile Test Center (PMTC) near the Naval Station at Point Magu in May, regarding a drone. USS Leahy departs for West PAC cruise in October with USS Carl Vinson (CVN-70) in the Western Pacific and Indian Ocean. Visits ports in Yokosuka, Japan, Phillipines, Mombasa, Kenya and Perth, Australia.



USS Leahy is on station many weeks in the Persian Gulf and returns from West PAC cruise in May.



February 24 finds Leahy underway with USS GARY (FFG-51), USS BERKELEY (DDG-15), USS JOHN YOUNG (DD-973) and USS ELLIOT (DD-967) for REFTRA. In April Leahy steams with USS ROANOKE (AOR-7), USS MARVIN SHIELDS (FF-1066), USS FLINT (AE-32) and USS BREWTON (FF-1086) for UNREP. On 12 August Leahy departs for another WestPac cruise, in company with USS CARL VINSON (CVN-70), USS VINCENES (CGN-49), USS FOSTER (DDG-964), USS BREWTON (FF-1086), USS MARVIN SHIELDS (FF-1066 ), USS GARY (FFG-51), USS JOUETT (CG-29), USS SAMUEL GOMPERS (AD-37). On 7-11 November, Leahy is at anchor at Masirah, Oman in company with USS CARL VINSON (CVN-70), USS JOUETT (CG-29), USS GARY (FFG-51), USS SAN JOSE (AFS-7) , USS MARVIN SHIELDS (FF-1066), USS FLINT (AE-32), USS SAMUEL GOMPERS (AD-37) and USNS MISPILLION (AO-105). 17-23 November Leahy anchors with Battle Group "C"; USS CARL VINSON (CVN-70), USS GARY (FFG-51), USS ROANOKE (AOR-7), USS MARVIN SHIELDS (FF-1066), USS PAUL F. FOSTER (DD-964), USS VINCENNES (CG-49), USS SAN JOSE (AFS-7) and USNS MISPILLION (AO-105) at Mombassa, Kenya. 7 December Leahy in tactical manuevering drill with USS GARY (FFG-51) and UNREP with USS ROANOKE (AOR-7). 19 December, Leahy assumes tactical contol of USS GARY (FFG-51) prior to port visit 19-26 December at Bunbury, Western Australia. Note: On 26 December, CDR. W. D. (Dallas) Bethea (former Leahy OPS Officer) relieves CDR. H. R. Bankert as CO of USS GARY (FFG-51). Change Of Command Ceremony held aboard USS GARY (FFG-51) - one hundred guests attend the ceremonies. On 26 December, Leahy is underway enroute to Subic Bay, Phillipines. On 31 December, Leahy has tactical control of USS GARY (FFG-51) - ships in company are USS VINCENNES (CG-49), USS PAUL F. FOSTER (DD-964), USS GARY (FFG-51), USS FLINT (AE-32) and USS SAN JOSE (AFS-7). All ships proceeding to arrive at Subic Bay, Phillipines on 5 January 1987.



01-04 January, Leahy underway from Bunbury, Western Australia to Subic Bay, Phillipines under operational control of Commander Seventh Fleet. Leahy assumes tactical command of USS GARY (FFG-51); ships in company are USS VINCENNES (CG-49), USS PAUL F. FOSTER (DD-964), USS GARY (FFG-51), USS FLINT (AE-32) and USS SAN JOSE (AFS-7). Leahy arrives at Subic Bay, Phillipines on 5 January 1987 with USS VINCENNES (CG-49), USS PAUL F. FOSTER (DD-964), USS GARY (FFG-51), USS FLINT (AE-32) and USS SAN JOSE (AFS-7). Leahy's port visit at Subic Bay, Phillipines is 05-13 January. On 13 January, Leahy is underway. Leahy returns from WestPac Cruise at the end of January. In July, Leahy enters Long Beach Naval Shipyard for an extensive New Threat Upgrade (NTU) overhaul. NTU significantly increased her combat capabilities against modern aircraft and missile threats.



Leahy departs Long Beach Naval Shipyard after completion of New Threat Upgrade (NTU).





In August, Leahy was the senior host ship for the Soviet Navy's historic visit to San Diego. This was the Soviet Unions first ship visit to a United States west coast naval base.



On 30 March 1991, Leahy crosses the Equator . In April 1991, she arrived in the Persian Gulf shortly after the completion of Operation Desert Storm. USS Leahy relieves USS Horne (CG-30) at Manama, Bahrain 18 April 1991. In Hong Kong 4 August 1991.



In July, Leahy served as Anti-Air Warfare Commander, "Alfa Whiskey", for the multi-national "Rim Of The Pacific" (RIMPAC 1992) exercise. RIMPAC culminated with Leahy successfully firing two SM-2 long range anti-air missiles and one Harpoon anti- ship cruise missile. In December, during her eigth and final WestPac deployment, Leahy operates off the coast of Somalia to provide support for U.S. Marine and coalition forces ashore involved in Operation Restore Hope. Functioning as a regional air traffic control center. Five air traffic controllers from USS Kitty Hawk were sent aboard the Leahy (TAD) to establish approach control services in and out of Mogadishu, Somalia. Leahy teamed with VAW-114 E-2C Hawkeye aircraft operating from the carrier KITTY HAWK (CV-63) and U.S. Marine air controllers ashore, which tracked flights and issued advisories from about 200 miles out to safely direct more than 300 military and United Nations relief flights a day into Mogadishu, Somalia. Once the flights were within 50 miles, the Leahy team took over and led them to within visual range of the airport, about 10 miles away. These operations were essential to the safe delivery of food and medical supplies to key relief centers in famine-stricken Somalia. In response to increasing tensions in the Northern Arabian Gulf.


In response to increasing tensions in the Northern Arabian Gulf, involving Iraqi violations of United Nations resolutions, Leahy, in company with KITTY HAWK, was detached on short notice, and to proceed at flank speed to the Arabian Gulf. As a result, Leahy was on station on 13 January, in support of "Operation Southern Watch", enforcing a “no-fly” zone in southern Iraq, in company with CV-63 KITTY HAWK (CAW-15), CG-18 WORDEN, CG-32 WILLIAM H. STANDLEY, CG-63 COWPENS, DD-966 HEWITT, DD-978 STUMP, FFG-33 JARRETT, FFG-58 SAMUEL B. ROBERTS, AOE-1 SACRAMENTO, AR-8 JASON, T-AO-197 PECOS and AGF-3 LA SALLE and others. Aircraft from KITTY Hawk, teamed with U.S. Air Force and coalition air forces to conduct a successful power projection strike in southern Iraq. This was Leahy's last and final WestPac deployment. During the return transit to San Diego, Leahy was awarded the Battle "E" from Commander, Cruiser Destroyer Group Five by Commander, Naval Surface Forces, Pacific. During the two year competitive cycle from 1 January 1991 to 31 December 1992, Leahy also received mission area excellence awards in Anti-Air Warfare, Anti- Surface Warfare, Anti- Submarine Warfare, Maritime Warfare/ Power Projection, Command And Control, Supply, and Engineering/ Survivability. Additionally, Leahy was awarded the Pacific Fleet's Ant-Air Warfare Excellence Award. Leahy, at this time, was the oldest conventional cruiser in the U.S. Navy.
Leahy was
de-commissioned and stricken on 1 October at the Naval Station - San Diego, San Diego, California. On 8 October, Leahy made her final trip, to MarAd (Maritime Administration), Suisun Bay-Reserve Fleet in Benicia, California.


As of 19 April 2004, Leahy is now 43 years old (since launch). She was at MarAd - Suisun Bay Reserve Fleet - Suisun Bay - Benicia, CA, in a Maintenance "X" category, which means that she did not receive any maintenance or preservation, only protection against fire, flooding and pilferage. She is currently awaiting to be scrapped through the Ship Disposal Project.

And now Leahy's final chapter...........


On 21 June 2004, CG-16 departed SUISUN BAY RESERVE FLEET, CA under tow by Fleet Ocean Tug USNS Mohawk (T-ATF 170) to the BEAUMONT RESERVE FLEET, Beaumont, TX for eventual scrapping.

The scrapping of Leahy is carried out by International Ship Recycling Limited, LLC starting the first week of August, exactly 42 years after her commissioning. Three of her sisters (USS Gridley, USS England and USS Halsey) have passed here before her.

SWEET 16 IS NO MORE..........

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